Airbase Visit

- April 2023 -
This April we have the chance to visit the No. 71 Airbase, near Cluj-Napoca. We saw some very interesting helicopters, the legendary MiG-21 and different equipment such as: homing missiles, gutling guns, pilot ejection systems, and more!

Quiz Night

- March 2023 -
The Quiz Night is out newest event and is mainly for recruitments.
Here, you can experience a piece of EUROAVIA Cluj-Napoca, meet the current members, learn about our vision and, most importantly, have fun!

Formation Workshop

- February 2023 -
Ah, our Formation Workshop! FoWo is an international event about soft skills development. This year it was our turn to make one, and it was a wonderful experience!
During the 7 days of the event, the participants (members of EUROAVIA from all across Europe) had the chance to explore and develop their soft skilss, learn about Romanian culture and sightsee Cluj-Napoca.

Secret Santa

- December 2022 -

It’s our Secret Santa! We all met and gave eachother amazing presents.

Rocket Workshop

- March 2022 -

Rocket Worksop is our original technical event. Here, teams of 4 compete in designing and building a mini-rocket in order to extract data. Each team needs to simulate the flight path of the rocket and compare it with the actual telemetry.